From Stigma to Strength:

Celebrating Men’s Mental Health Month is a campaign created by Zak Hussein of Calgary to address putting an end to the stigma of men suffering in silence.

Men’s Mental Health Month is a time to recognize and celebrate the resilience and strength displayed by men in their pursuit of mental well-being.

The #MenTELLHealth campaign for the Month of June 2023 aims to honour the journey by exploring the significance of Men’s Mental Health Month, shedding light on the unique challenges they face, and providing actionable steps to break the stigma and foster a culture of strength and support.

A group of us have created a campaign at where we encourage you to share a tip, quote, mantra or an activity that has helped you triumph on a tough day or hard to deal with moment.

Record and share the video on social media and tag us on Instagram at: by using the hashtag #MenTELLHealth.

Let’s come together to end the stigma surrounding men’s mental health this month!

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Prioritizing Men’s Mental Health:

Prioritizing Men’s Mental Health:

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