Lorne Miller of Calgary is on the Canadian Podcast with Zak Hussein in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Blazing Fires and a 2X Cancer Survivor

with Lorne Miller

In this heartfelt and inspiring episode on the Canadian Podcast, Zak had the opportunity to speak with an incredible soul, a Calgary Firefighter whose name is Lorne Miller.

Lorne battled liposarcoma, a rare form of cancer. Diagnosed in May 2021, Lorne faced months of treatments and a triumphant celebration of one year cancer-free in June 2022, only to be met with the devastating news of a recurrence just a few months later. Witness Lorne’s unwavering determination and resilience as he confronts the fear of recurrence head-on.

With the unwavering support of his loving wife, Lindsay, and his caring medical team at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Lorne takes us through the ups and downs of his second round of treatments, culminating in a critical surgery on December 12th. Amidst the challenges, Lorne sets a powerful goal—to be home for his daughter Esmae’s 7th birthday on Christmas Eve.

Experience the emotions as Lorne’s surgery is successful, and he receives HIPEC treatment to eliminate any remaining cancer cells. Thanks to the tremendous support of his community, Lorne is reunited with his family just in time for the special day.

Through his personal journey, Lorne acknowledges the profound impact of his support system, both at home and at work. His fellow firefighters, who became his second family, stood by his side, offering unwavering care and encouragement throughout the cancer journey.

Now, Lorne aims to give back and create more cherished moments for cancer patients like himself by supporting the Alberta Cancer Foundation. Every donation can make a difference, providing more invaluable moments for patients to spend with their loved ones.

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