Embracing Change & Inspiring Lives

with Doug Bouey

Hailing from the northern prairie city of Edmonton, Canada, Doug’s curiosity about the world led him to venture overseas at a young age, seeking to experience life from diverse perspectives.

Upon returning, he pursued a career in law, forging a deep connection with unconventional clients, particularly the indigenous communities of western Canada.

Through his legal work, Doug championed justice, addressed injustices, prosecuted claims, and pioneered future development.

However, in the middle of his life, Doug decided to embrace change and ventured into the then-unheard-of field of executive coaching. In a bold move, he brought The Executive Committee (TEC), now known as Vistage, and its Executive Leadership Program to Canada.

As a TEC/Vistage Chair, Doug introduced coaching, peer advisory groups, and some of the continent’s most brilliant speakers to young Presidents of mid-market entrepreneurial companies.

His dedication and expertise helped these leaders take their companies to new heights, especially in the thriving western North American economy. In 2014, life threw a significant challenge Doug’s way when he was diagnosed with cancer.

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During his courageous battle and long road to recovery, he discovered a newfound passion for writing. With his deep well of knowledge in working life and what comes after, he sought to share his experiences and insights, touching the lives of countless individuals.

Today, Doug’s creativity knows no bounds as he continues to write and paint, expressing his vibrant spirit. His zest for life takes him across the western Canadian prairie and coast, while he also explores the wonders of central Mexico.

Join us as we dive deep into Doug Bouey’s extraordinary life journey, filled with resilience, compassion, and the determination to embrace change and make a difference in the world.

His story is sure to leave you inspired and ready to take on new challenges in your own life.

Get Doug’s Book: https://www.amazon.ca/Fixing-Fracture…

Doug’s Website: https://dougbouey.com/

Doug’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dougbouey/

Doug’s YouTube:    / @douglasrbouey  

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