A Resilient West, 30 Years of Newzones Gallery Shaping the World-Class Art Scene

with Tamar Zenith

Since its inception in 1992, nestled in Calgary’s vibrant Warehouse District, Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art has grown from modest yet ambitious beginnings to become a prominent figure in the international art scene. This year, they celebrate a momentous 30-year anniversary, marking an era filled with creativity, innovation, and dedication to the arts.

A Journey from Artists to Zenith

Newzones Gallery’s remarkable journey began with the vision of co-founder @tamarzenith. Over the years, the gallery has forged meaningful relationships with artists, collectors, arts professionals, and the community, cultivating a unique and supportive environment for creativity to thrive.

With a commitment to promoting Canadian artists on the global stage, Newzones has significantly impacted the contemporary art landscape, hosting over 300 exhibitions that continue to inspire and educate.

11,104 Days: A Special Exhibition

To commemorate this milestone, Newzones is proudly presenting the exhibition “11,104 Days: From Artists to Zenith.” This exhibition showcases the incredible work of their represented artists and renowned international figures, allowing visitors a glimpse into the breadth and depth of talent that has passed through the gallery’s doors.

With works held in prestigious museums and private collections worldwide, the exhibition is a testament to Newzones’ success in shaping the future of contemporary art.

Shaping the Future: A Vision of Resilience

Newzones’ legacy is not just in its past but also in its future. The gallery remains dedicated to shaping the next 30 years and beyond, reimagining a steadfast and resilient “west” where world-class art thrives.

This vision resonates not just within the gallery’s walls but extends to the wider art community, inspiring new generations of artists, collectors, and enthusiasts to pursue their passions.

A Toast to Art and Innovation

The 30-year anniversary of Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art is a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and innovation. It’s a story of a local gallery in Calgary that reached out to the world, connected cultures, and built a platform for Canadian artists to shine.

Whether you’re an art lover, collector, or simply someone fascinated by the journey of creativity, Newzones Gallery’s story offers a compelling insight into the transformative power of art.

Join the celebration by tuning into the special episode on the #CanadianPodcast and immerse yourself in the world of contemporary art. With tags like CanadianPodcast, NewzonesGallery, ContemporaryArt, 30YearAnniversary, and more, you’ll discover a thriving art landscape waiting to inspire.

Here’s to Newzones Gallery and to another 30 years of excellence, creativity, and inspiration in the world of art! ūüé®

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