Tier 1 JTF2 Sniper/Assaulter on Art of Adversity, Blockchains and Human Optimization

with Jeff Depatie

Jeff Depatie served 15 years in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), starting in the airborne infantry, then being accepted into Canada’s elite special forces unit, Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2), as an assaulter and sniper.

After multiple deployments, Jeff Depatie left the military and formed the Special Forces Experience (SFE), a community made of a collective of individuals rooted in the belief that challenge and adversity can be a springboard for growth in all aspects of life. As with his objectives in building the SFE, Jeff Depatie will take a direct role with the Citizen Green management team to construct veteran communities that honour integrity, wisdom, service and personal growth.

Jeff Depatie brings a unique perspective on human optimization processes and will provide tools to veterans within the Citizen Green environment. “Being a tier one operator, I’ve had to make decisions and carry out policy that may not have been the popular choices but certainly what I believed to be the necessary choices.

While I don’t believe all decisions our governments make are morally correct, I know I’ve carried out unpopular missions for the greater good – the tough ones. The ones you don’t hear about. The debate of what makes a man a ‘good man’ is certainly one of morality. And since morality is tied to differing individual values, I define him as one who has the far-sightedness to serve the greater good of humanity on a micro and macro scale and not one that chooses to serve the popular decision.” – Jeff Depatie Jeff Depatie is committed to maintaining peak physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual shape – in addition to constantly improving the courage it takes to will that strength. – What is #JTF2? You may have seen or heard of JTF2 a few times.

This article briefly explains what Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2) is based on public information only. They are an extremely high-readiness and precise special operations forces unit. JTF2 exists to protect the Canadian national interests and combat terrorism and threats to Canadians at home and overseas. JTF2 has federal responsibility for hostage rescue and counterterrorism. In 2017, a JTF2 sniper successfully eliminated a target at 3,540 meters holding the world record for longest kill-shot ever and Jeff Depatie was apart of the unit that holds the record. JTF2 remains the only foreign special operation unit to be conducted into American Tier 1 ranking (Along with Delta and Seal Team 6).

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    They are experts trained to operate in the worlds deadliest terrains where they specifically train in frozen, mountainous, desert, and maritime environments.

    JTF2 was made famous by their involvement in Task Force K-BAR and Task Force 11 as well as Task Force 121 in Afghanistan. Their training is kept mostly secret, but it is known that they have a very treacherous pre-course 3 stage system where the vast majority of candidates fail out.

    JTF2 operates by the motto of “deeds not words.”

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