Lisa Bowes: Championing Sports Broadcasting, Community and the Future

In this inspiring episode, Zak sits down on the Canadian Podcast with a true Canadian legend, Lisa Bowes who is a beacon in sports media and public engagement.

With an illustrious 30-year journey gracing platforms like CTV, The Score, CBC, NCAA Productions, and TSN, Lisa brings a wealth of insight into the ever-evolving media landscape. Relive the excitement as she reminisces about her hosting experience during the Women’s Ice Hockey at the 2010 Olympic Games. But Lisa isn’t just a powerhouse in the broadcasting booth.

She’s a celebrated author whose “Lucy Tries” book series is making a substantial impact in communities across the globe. Published in multiple languages and backed by giants like AltaLink and TD Bank, the series is more than just stories; it’s a tool for community investment and corporate social responsibility. Lisa sheds light on her collaboration with various stakeholders, offering them the golden opportunity to elevate their brands and foster young fans’ growth.

Lisa Bowes also discusses her innovative approach, which goes beyond book sales, turning the series into a turnkey program with customized books and author appearances. As we delve deeper, Lisa shares her wisdom on effective communication strategies, the intricacies of public speaking, and the importance of community investment in today’s world.

Her accolades, like the Canadian Screen Awards nomination and the Columbus International Film Festival recognition, only scratch the surface of her contributions.

Tune in to discover the behind-the-scenes stories of the her grassroots campaign and Lisa’s heartfelt volunteer efforts with ROARR Outreach and the Peter Watts Memorial Grant.

🚀 Whether you’re an aspiring writer, media enthusiast, or someone passionate about community development, this episode promises insights, inspiration, and a whole lot of heart.

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