The Importance of Volunteering and Giving back the Time to your Community

with Sean Libin

With over 25 years of experience on both the agency and the client side, Sean Libin continues to remain in this industry — and love it — because of the incredible diversity that it offers on a daily basis.

Sean Libin’s experience and accomplishments are extensive with particular emphasis on strategic marketing, brand development, direct-to-consumer experiential marketing, direct mail campaigns, large-scale corporate event planning, concert production, media buying and public/media relations.

Building relationships with key clients is more than performing when asked. Sean Libin doesn’t just work for his clients such as Wrangler, Copenhagen Tobacco and La-Z-Boy Furniture. He treats their companies and their brands as if he owns them.

 Taking this type of virtual ownership affects every decision we make including brand management and how his organization stretches every penny of a campaign for maximum measurable results.

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