Skin Cancer and Artificial Intelligence

with Dr. Nicole Hawkins

Dr. Nicole Hawkins(@drnickihawkins) is a dual board certified Dermatologist practicing medical dermatology in Calgary, Alberta.

Upon graduating from Queen’s School of Medicine, she completed her Dermatology residency at the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Toronto.

Dr.Hawkins splits her time evenly between medical and cosmetic dermatology and maintains an interest in clinical research.

Nicole completed an undergraduate honours thesis in Nutrition at Acadia University and her MD at Queen’s School of Medicine. During medical school, she was Chair of the Ontario Medical Students Association.

Once she completed her residency, she moved to Saskatoon where she co-founded the province’s largest dermatology clinic, encompassing medical and cosmetic dermatology, and clinical trials.

During this time, she earned her Certificate in Clinical and Translational Research from Harvard.

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