Men’s Mental Health Month:

Let’s Shatter the Silence!

June 1, 2024 – Today marks the beginning of Men’s Mental Health Month, and the campaign is launching nationwide for the second year in a row. This initiative aims to bring attention to the critical issue of men’s mental health across Canada.

This year, the campaign is once again encouraging men from coast to coast to speak up and share their experiences through videos, focusing on their favourite activities, quotes, songs, or books that have helped them through tough times.

The Importance of Men’s Mental Health

Mental health issues are a significant concern for men in Canada. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), 10% of Canadian men experience symptoms of mental health disorders and substance dependencies. Alarmingly, four out of five suicides among Canadians are male. The statistics also reveal that young and middle-aged men are increasingly being hospitalized for schizophrenia, and new fathers are vulnerable to postpartum depression.

These numbers highlight the urgent need for open conversations and support systems tailored for men. The stigma surrounding mental health often prevents men from seeking help, leading to severe consequences. This is where the campaign steps in, aiming to shatter the silence and break the stigma by encouraging men to share their mental health journeys and support each other.

How to Join the Campaign

Throughout June, is inviting men to participate by recording short videos. Participants are encouraged to share their favourite activity, quote, song, or book that has helped them through difficult times. They can tag on Instagram and use the hashtag #MenTELLHealth. The campaign also encourages men to invite their friends to join in, collaborate on posts, and help spread the word.

Why Participation Matters

  • Inspiration and Hope: Sharing personal experiences can inspire others to take action and seek help.
  • Breaking the Stigma: Open discussions about mental health can reduce stigma and encourage more men to speak up.
  • Building a Community: By sharing stories, men contribute to a supportive community where they can find solidarity and understanding.

How to Participate

  • Record a Video: Share a video about a favorite activity, quote, song, or book that has helped you.
  • Tag and Use the Hashtag: Tag on Instagram and use the hashtag #ISpeakUpFor #MenTELLHealth.
  • Invite Friends: Encourage friends to participate and share their stories.
  • Collaborate and Engage: Comment on and share other men’s posts to build a supportive network.

Available Mental Health Resources

For those who are struggling, several resources are available:

  • CMHA: Offers support and information on mental health issues.
  • Crisis Services Canada: Provides immediate help for those in crisis.
  • HeadsUpGuys: Focuses on mental health support specifically for men.

The campaign is making a significant impact this Men’s Mental Health Month by bringing men together to support one another. The initiative aims to create a stronger, healthier community for all Canadian men through shared experiences and open dialogue. For more information and to get involved, visit |


What is Men’s Mental Health Month?
Men’s Mental Health Month is a dedicated time in June to raise awareness about the mental health issues men face and encourage them to seek help and support.

What is the campaign?
The campaign is an initiative launched nationwide to encourage men to share their mental health journeys through videos, aiming to break the stigma and build a supportive community.

How can I participate in the campaign?
To participate, record a video about a favourite activity, quote, song, or book that has helped you through tough times, tag on Instagram, and use the hashtag #MenTELLHealth.

Why is men’s mental health important?
Men’s mental health is crucial because men are less likely to seek help for mental health issues, leading to higher rates of severe consequences like suicide.

What resources are available for men struggling with mental health?
Resources include CMHA, Crisis Services Canada, and HeadsUpGuys, which offer support and information tailored specifically for men’s mental health needs.

How does sharing personal experiences help others?
Sharing personal experiences can inspire others to take action, seek help, and feel less alone, fostering a supportive and understanding community.

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